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Why You Need Travel Insurance When Flying with Budget Airlines Like Scoot, Jetstar, and AirAsia

When booking a flight with budget airlines like Scoot, Jetstar, and AirAsia, the cost of your ticket might be temptingly low.  However, before you click "purchase," you must consider another critical aspect of your trip: travel insurance. You read that right: travel insurance is as important as finding the cheapest fare.  In this article, we'll explore why you need travel insurance when flying with budget airlines and how to see the best policy for your needs. Why Do You Need Travel Insurance with Budget Airlines? Medical Emergencies: Budget airlines often charge extra for services like food, checked bags, and seat selection. But they don't tell you these fees don't cover medical emergencies. Imagine falling ill or getting injured during your trip – hospital bills can quickly add up, putting a significant dent in your vacation funds. Travel insurance protects you against unexpected medical expenses, so you can focus on recovering rather than worrying about the cos