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Helpling: House Cleaning (Referral code: exkl83: $25 off on First Clean + $25 off on next active booking)

As Auntie grows older, sometimes too tired to clean house. But stay in a dirty house is not good for health and also your mood spoil. Luckily nowdays got house cleaning services like Helpling ! Nearly anything related to cleaning, Helpling got do. Auntie has already used Helpling several times. Can say has been very useful when got to prepare for family events, parties or even just when Auntie need more time to work on business. Even Channel News Asia, Straits Times and Mediacorp, all recommend Helpling hor. Hope you all use Helpling and can enjoy a clean house!

Why You Should Sign Up as an NTUC Member

With over 2.3 million members and administered by the National Trades Union Congress, the NTUC membership consists of two types: Ordinary Branch and General Branch. Ordinary Branch members have union representation for wage negotiations and workplace issues, while General Branch members enjoy social benefits like NTUC FairPrice rebates, Plus! Rewards, and NTUC Club facilities. To be eligible for membership, applicants must be at least 16 years old and meet certain criteria. While it offers LinkPoints at NTUC FairPrice supermarkets, there is much more to an NTUC membership than meets the eye.  In this article, we will explore the monetary and non-monetary benefits of an NTUC membership, helping you determine whether the annual subscription fee of $117 is worth it? *The monthly subscription fee is $9, except for December when it is $18. Benefit Description Plus! Rewards Programme Earn LinkPoints while shopping at partner outlets and use them to offset future purchases. Cash Rebates Enjo

Trust Bank: Auntie Digital Banking (Referral Code: XEBXTQ4Y: Free $35 NTUC voucher)

  [Alternative Referral Code: 1BXBEDFT ] Aiyoh, everything also now digital! Like Trust Bank Let me share with you the benefits of opening a Trust Bank account in Singapore. You want high, high interest rates right? Can get up to 2.5% for Savings account . The base interest rate is 1.5% for the first $75,000 deposit. Above $75,000, the interest rate will be 0.05% Trust Bank say don't have: Lock in period Monthly fee Minimum balance Account closure fee Foreign transaction fee Card replacement fee Can get additional 0.5% interest if you make 5 transactions. These 5 transactions can be bus/MRT also.Some more hor, if you're a NTUC Union member , your bonus interest will be 1% Can use my NTUC Union Referral Code if you haven't sign up yet: 202204186013 Speaking about NTUC, Trust Bank got many rewards! For Trust Credit Card: Can get up to 21% savings when you spend a minimum of $350 outside FairPrice Group For Trust Debit card: Can get up to 11% savings when you spend a minimum