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National Steps Challenge: Auntie Fitness (Get rewarded for being fit!)

 As we grow older, we need to be more mindful of our health. If never take care of health, later here pain, there pain. everywhere pain, end up go hospital. So we need to eat properly and exercise. Our government will even reward us for staying fit!: National Steps Challenge™   Can be as simple as walking 5000 steps every day to get the rewards. Almost anyone can join: a) Singaporeans and PRs with a valid NRIC, or foreigners with a valid FIN b) Aged 17 years or older (based on birth year) at point of registration Please note that the Challenge mechanics are designed based on the latest Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines recommendations for individuals aged 18 years old and above. To clock the steps and be rewarded, you will need the Healthy 365 app and the free fitness tracker.  Auntie hopes all of you will have a happy and healthy life!