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Trust Bank: Auntie Digital Banking (Referral Code: XEBXTQ4Y: Free $35 NTUC voucher)

  [Alternative Referral Code: 1BXBEDFT ] Aiyoh, everything also now digital! Like Trust Bank Let me share with you the benefits of opening a Trust Bank account in Singapore. You want high, high interest rates right? Can get up to 2.5% for Savings account . The base interest rate is 1.5% for the first $75,000 deposit. Above $75,000, the interest rate will be 0.05% Trust Bank say don't have: Lock in period Monthly fee Minimum balance Account closure fee Foreign transaction fee Card replacement fee Can get additional 0.5% interest if you make 5 transactions. These 5 transactions can be bus/MRT also.Some more hor, if you're a NTUC Union member , your bonus interest will be 1% Can use my NTUC Union Referral Code if you haven't sign up yet: 202204186013 Speaking about NTUC, Trust Bank got many rewards! For Trust Credit Card: Can get up to 21% savings when you spend a minimum of $350 outside FairPrice Group For Trust Debit card: Can get up to 11% savings when you spend a minimum

Simplify Currency Transactions with YouTrip – Your Hassle-free Travel Companion!

In today's interconnected world, seamless travel and effortless online shopping experiences are highly sought after. However, navigating foreign currencies and dealing with exorbitant fees can be challenging. Fortunately, there's a solution that simplifies currency transactions and eliminates unnecessary costs.  Introducing YouTrip, Singapore's leading multi-currency mobile wallet with a prepaid Mastercard®. Let's explore the benefits of the YouTrip card and how it empowers users to enjoy hassle-free payments and competitive exchange rates in over 150 currencies. Here's how it works: When you sign up for a YouTrip account using our referral link (, you'll receive a free YouTrip Mastercard®. Once you've activated your card and made a top-up of any amount, you and the referrer will instantly receive S$5 in your YouTrip wallets. It's a win-win situation! No More Bank Fees: One of the most significant advantages of u

Embrace a Brighter Future: Switch to Senoko LifeGreen24 and Power Your Home with Solar Energy

Are you ready to step toward a greener and more sustainable future?  Look no further than Senoko LifeGreen24, the plan that allows you to power your home with clean and renewable energy. With its emphasis on solar power, affordable pricing, and the trustworthiness of Senoko Energy, LifeGreen24 is the perfect choice for those who want to impact the environment while enjoying cost savings. But don't just take our word for it – let's take a closer look at Senoko LifeGreen24 and compare it to other available plans in the market: Plan Type Price (per kWh) Contract Senoko LifeGreen24 Carbon Neutral $0.2944 24 months Keppel Electric ecoGreen24 Carbon Neutral $0.3780 24 months Pacific Light Sunny Side-Up (max. 25 RECs) Carbon Neutral $0.3209 12 months As you can see, Senoko LifeGreen24 stands out with its competitive pricing and commitment to carbon neutrality. By choosing this plan, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and support the growth of renewable energy sources.

DBS 5 Million Hawker Meals (Cashback)

From 10 Feb 2023 to 19 Jan 2024, DBS is giving $3 cashback, every Friday from 6 AM But you got to be fast hor because this cashback is limited to the first 100k users and each user can benefit every week. Currently, I noticed by afternoon around 12PM, don't have anymore because Singaporean kiasu mah.Next time, I think by 9AM gone. Use DBS PayLah! app to scan the SGQR code with PayLah! logo or PayLah! sticker. DBS has a very helpful image guide on how to get this $3 cashback: And if you see this image, means don't have anymore for that Friday: DBS has provided a list of participating stalls . Hope you can enjoy this $3 cashback every Friday!